Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How To Be An Overcomer - Part 2

WD Dear Subscriber: In your last e-mail on FB you mentioned you have some friends that are not believers, but yet they are good and caring individuals.  I think your question was whether the good at heart will go to heaven.  I think the answer to that is found in John 3:16: God love the world so much that He gave His only Son so that we may have life.  You see without Christ we are dead in our sins and lost forever.  God loved the fallen world (the good and the bad) so much He sacrificed His own Son so that we can be saved from death (we were born dead in sin because of the fall of man) to everlasting life.

Our Heavenly Father gave the whole world a "FREE GIFT", however our Heavenly Father will not force His Will, His "FREE GIFT" upon us.  We are a free moral agent with the power to choose to receive the "FREE GIFT" or to not receive the gift.  Many good people in the world refuse to accept the "FREE GIFT" because they do not care to know Jesus.  They do not believe they need Him.  Those who chose not to accept the "FREE GIFT" are rejecting the sacrifice that Jesus made for them.  All of those that reject Christ will be lost forever in the burning lake of fire along with Satan and all his followers.

Accepting the free gift by faith is all your friends need to do.  It is very simple, but for many people it is so simple they tend to not believe that the gift is available by faith only.  They feel they must do something (works) to earn it or to deserve it.  Faith comes by trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ.  Jesus has done all the work that needs to be done.  Our job is to repent or to change our mind or thinking concern the "FREE GIFT" of Christ and to accept His grace and be saved.  Our job is to not struggle trying to be good as one can never be good enough to earn salvation.  Our job is to relax by accepting the fact that we are saved - to put all our trust in Him and let Him do the work of providing for us.  "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness ( not ours ) and these things ( He is the supplier of all out needs) will be added unto us ( by faith ).  Matthew 6:33 Please read the full chapter especially verses 25-34 for the full meaning of relaxing and putting all your trust in Him: 

When a person accepta the "FREE GIFT" their name is written down in the BOOK OF LIFE.  Those peoples who's names are written in the BOOK OF LIFE are those that heard (listen to what He said) His Commandments and obeyed (did what He said) His Commandments.   These people will spend eternity in the presence with our Heavenly Father and all the other true believers.   These true believers will be rewarded for their good deeds done in their lives.  Their good deeds did not save them, Jesus did.  Jesus is a rewarder of those that do His Commandments.  Jesus will bring our reward with Him when He comes. Revelation 22:12

Those people who's names are not written in the BOOK OF LIFE are those that rejected Jesus' commandments and refused to obey His commandments.  These people will spend eternity in torment with Satan all of his true followers.  These people will be punished (reverse of reward) for their deeds, both good and bad done in their lives.  Their good deeds did not save them, but they could have accepted Jesus' "FREE GIFT".  Our Heavenly Father did not design hell for the unbeliever as it was designed for Satan and all the angels that followed him in sin.  Unfortunately the unbeliever (those that reject Christ's "FREE GIFT"  will go into everlasting punishment with Satan and all his followers.  Please read Revelation 22 especially verses 12-15 

I pray this will help  you to witness to your friends and that you will be able to lead them to Christ.  If  you need me to help I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

How To Be An Overcomer

The following is a recent FaceBook e-mail conversation with one of my "Well Done BLOG" subscribers, who wishes to remain anonymous.  We will use the word Subscriber instead of this person's name for privacy purposes..

WD: Dear Subscriber:  I think of you often as I recall our e-mail conversations about heaven and hell. You have inspired me to read the New Testament chapter by chapter and word for word...I am currently in the Book of Revelation Chapter 22. Because of this study I have a much deeper understanding of our heavenly Father and His will for all of us.  I use the word "Overcomer" in the title of this message because the words "Overcame, Overcome, and Overcomes is used in the Book of Revelation.  The Book of Revelation is the last chapter of the book therefore I believe the church "Overcomers" are those that overcame the world through Christ Jesus.

Subscriber: I would really appreciate it if you could please share with me what you have learned. I think it is very timely that you sent me this message. During this time I feel I want to be closer to God.  I think I have strayed away from Him.

WDYou have been on my mind quiet often over the last few weeks and was unsure why.  I think the Holy Spirit has been placing you in my heart for a reason.

Subscriber: Yes I think so. And I woke up in the middle of the night tonight and couldn't get to sleep. I felt like checking Facebook even though I try to normally stay away from it."

WD:  I have discovered some really valuable nuggets of truth in the scriptures that I didn't see before.  One of the main things I learned in this study is that some of the more popular scriptures have been quoted, by many preachers and priests, out of context with an incorrect teaching causing confusion in the church.  I pray that we can clear us some of the confusion you have mentioned before.

Subscriber: I am glad you have discovered some good findings to share with me.

WD: I am very happy to share, what I feel the Lord wants me to share, with you.  The first, and most important of all, in God's word is what Jesus said that we must listen to His words and then do what He says, or in more simple terms, "do whatever He tells us to do."  

As I went through the Gospels I wrote down many things He told us to do, and things He told us not to do.  And, I think, the two most important things can be summed up in what He calls the The Greatest Commandments.   How does one love like that?  Many people have the wrong concept of God.  They think He is waiting for the chance to judge us and punish us.  God loves us so much that He gave His best, His Son, for a world of people that does not deserve His love.  He loves us so much He sent His Son, not to condemn us, but rather to give us life and life more abundantly John 10:10.

To live life the way our Heavenly Father desires requires surrender our wills to His will.  To change our hearts from self-will of pleasing ourselves to doing everything in His will pleasing Him.  We please Him through our selfless life of giving and serving others.  Our Heavenly Father is a giver and we are created in His image therefore our job is to be a giver too.  We first start with the first thing we do each day; we give praise and worship to the Father.  Next we give Him thanks for everything He has ever done for is, is doing right now, and will ever do in the future.  When we start out day out like this the Father opens the floodgates of blessings on us.  The more we give Him the more He blesses as we can never out give Him.

Subscriber: "Yes, but how do we find out His will?

WD:  Our Heavenly Father's word is His will.  The reason I decided to study the New Testament was to get to know Him intimately so that I could understand His will.  The word Testament is where the word testimony comes from.  Our testimony, in a legal sense, is our statement whereas we are testifying as to what we saw or what we believe about something.

In the Biblical sense a Testament is similar to the legal sense in that the Bible is a Will, a contract, or covenant from God in His own words.  A legal will is a testament which can state terms and conditions, and what items one wants to will (give) to those left behind one passes away.  

The New Testament is God's Will or New Contract (Covenant) or New Agreement that He has made between Himself and all those that will accept the free gift that He gave the world - His Son.  This contract (His Words) were written to all that will believe that Jesus took our place on the cross and died with our sins.  Jesus never once sinned, but He took our sins, past, present, and future, upon Himself.  When this happened we were changed from a dead person to a live person (born again) with no sin.  He who knew no sin took my sin and my  death (spiritual death) so that I could take His place (a non-sinner) as if I had never sinned and with life everlasting.  I am now saved or born again.  I am a new creature, a new person in Christ Jesus.

The key is we must believe in or trust in what the Fathers has said and that He will do everything He says He will do.  The Believer must live by faith and not by sight.

We will talk about what it means to believe later.

Back on the second commandment - Jesus said that we are to love our neighbor as much, or more, than we love ourselves.  How do we do that?  We cannot do that with our own self-effort as this is the Holy Spirit's job.   As we get to know the Father through understanding His words the Holy Spirit does the work in our hearts that changes us and teaches us how to love others more that we love ourselves.  How do I know this?  Jesus gives us an example in Matthew 25:31-46

Our job is to believe in Him and if we truly believe in Him then our heart is changed and our spirit man is born from death to life.  The old man is selfish and is so self centered all he thinks about is himself.   The spirit man is reborn immediately, but the flesh man cannot change so quickly.  The flesh man changes in time through life's trials and tribulations.  No one likes difficult times, but these are necessary tests that help us grow into spiritual maturity.

The new man is saved but the enemy comes against the new believer with thoughts of guilt and shame while whispering in our ears that we are not good enough, we don't do enough, we don't study, read our Bible enough, and we don't pray enough.  Then enemy uses our old selfish nature (flesh) from the old man against us to the point we only can think about ourselves.   Some believers has said to me that they do not feel worthy of going to heaven as they do not feel good enough.  The sad fact is they will never be good enough.  Jesus is the only one that have ever been good enough.  We cannot save ourselves by good works.

To believe means to trust, to trust means to completly relax and turn our control (will) over to Him.  If we are a true believer we will stop looking ourselves as we cannot change ourselves into anything different than what we are right now.  To believe means to let go of our self-will and trust is His Will.

You mentioned that you currently do not feel close to God.  Can you elaborate?  In our previous conversations I remember you were burdened with whether you had confessed all of your sins daily or not.  Is that still bothering you?  It is good to confess your sins, but also to admit you cannot remember every sin you committed today.  There are those that we unconsciously commit that we cannot remember.  This is where trust comes in.  If you believe Jesus died in your place and rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father then you do not have to worry about whether you remember to confess every sin every day or not.  When the Father looks at His children (believers) He does not see a sinner.  He sees a child covered in His Son's blood.  He sees Jesus when He looks at you even when you do not feel like you deserve it.

Emotions can cause us to feel up one day and down the next.  Emotions can cause of to feel things that are not true, to think things that are not true, and assume things that are not true.  To worry about whether we have confessed all our sins or not keeps our focus on ourselves therefore making us an ineffective witness for Jesus.  We must live by faith and not by feelings or how things look.

As I finished my study of the Gospels I moved into the Epistles and I discovered that each one of the letters were written as to address problems in the Church.  Each one of the Churches had teachers that were teaching false doctrines.  These false teachers were leading people into various kinds of bondage.  Most were the mixing of the Law with grace.  Pastors and priests today are still preaching that mixed message that is leaving so many people confused.  You see this mix is causing some believers to focus on themselves, causing them to take their eyes (trust) off of our Heavenly Father to self-consciousness.  This is the enemy's trick to make the believer ineffective for Christ.  When we are self-conscious we are absorbed with our self and cannot see need of those around us that need us.

There is much more I want to share with you, however, I should stop here and let you think about what I've written to you thus far.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Revelation Song by Susan Ashton

My favorite song of today is the "Revelation Song" and especially with Susan Ashton singing.  Don't get me wrong, I love Kari Jobe's version and the Global Edition done by Gateway Church too.  (These are both shown on the side bar of this BLOG.) But, there is something about the way Susan Ashton sings that blesses my heart.  Oh, speaking of heart, another favorite Susan Ashton song of mine is "Here in My Heart".  Check it out at: Here In My Heart

I don't know about you but this song makes me want to raise my hands to heaven and wave my palms in worship of my Heavenly Father.  One Sunday morning this song was sung in my church and I could not help but lift my hands and glorify my Heavenly Father for all He has done, is doing, and well do for me and my family.  Our job is to glorify and worship Him on hearth as it is in heaven.

The Revelation Song is so timely as the time is approaching when Jesus will be return soon.  The Book of Revelation is all about Jesus.  In my church a few people raise their hands in worship, but there are others that are afraid to do this because of the fear of the thought "I do not want to act like a charismatic in church."

Some of us were taught it is wrong to worship in church like the charismatics do.  Well, when we arrive in heaven most of us will be in for a big surprise because, I believe, in heaven we will be in a constant state of praise and worship with our hands raise and shouting praises to the Father all the time.  I suspect we believers should get over our being timid in worship and let ourselves go and worship Him the way He deserves.

I would love to hear your comments.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Look Up

In my last post I mentioned that was was studying the New Testament book by book, chapter by chapter and word for word.  As I read each chapter I researched the commentator's remarks and the explanation of what particular Greek words mentioned by the commentator.

This was an exciting study adventure as the more I studied the more I learned how to study and I noticed there are patterns of truth hidden in the books that overlap to a central theme.  The whole New Testament was written to prepare unbelievers to become believers and how to prepare believers to be ready for Jesus's Second Coming.   I found that each book has certain key words or phrases that are important to our understanding, i.e., in the Book of Revelation there are four keys words or phrases that caught my attention.  Jesus overcame the world and I think He expects us as believers to also be an overcomer like Him.

By the time I finished the Book of Revelation I realized I must go back an study the New Testament as I missed some things the first time through.  As I prepared to start my study of the New Testament again I felt a tugging at my heart to go to the Old Testament this time.  As I began my study of the Old Testament I realized that the two testaments are linked and the Old Testament is a precursor to understanding the New Testament.

We live in the most exciting time in History and we are blessed to be a part of the final days of earth as we have known it.  What an honor it is that the Lord has chosen us to be alive on earth at the time just before His coming.

Look Up!  Your redemption draws near.