Saturday, August 02, 2014

Getting To Know My Heavenly Father

Currently, I am reading through the New Testament and am now in the book if James. The purpose of my study is not to merely say that I have read my Bible from cover to cover. Instead it is a daily, chapter by chapter, word for word search for those golden nuggets of truth that the Heavenly Father has planted in the scriptures for me to find. What I have uncovered is He has been waiting for me to search for Him.  He has been waiting for me to get to know Him, in a deeper understanding of Heart, through His WORDS.

This has been the most exciting adventure of my life. The Father has revealed Himself to me in a way that helps me to understand His heart and His love for those of us that put out faith and trust in Him.  I highly recommend that you too get to know Him by listening to what He is saying to you personally.  Getting to know the Father and His will is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have, at least for those of us who love Him.

There are people that are too afraid of our Heavenly Father and do not want to know Him.  They are afraid the Father will demand rules and regulations (religion) they know they cannot live up to.  They fear failure and fear that they cannot live up to the Father's standards.  It is true the scriptures tell us to fear the Father, but the context of the word fear is not to be afraid.  The word for "fear of the Lord" means reverence, respect, to honor, and to be in awe of how wonderful He is.  When you get to know the Father's heart I think you too will have a new revelation of His love.

The Father created us to be His children and He loves us more than our earthly fathers could ever possibly love us.  We earth people were created by our Heavenly Father for the purpose (will) of the Father to have family of people created in His image.  The Father desires for His children to seek His presence, to sit in His lap (as shown in the picture), and let Him love us the way He intended.

The scriptures (the Father's words) are written as a training manual that is full of His wisdom, advice, and examples to help us, earthly mankind, be a success in our short lives while on earth.  Our short time on earth is a training ground for life beyond this earth.

Why are we born on earth?  

We are created in His image and in His likeness except in an earthly natural body.  The earthly body has it's spiritual limitations whereas we cannot see what is going on around us in the spirit (supernatural) world, but life for the earth man has many wonderful blessings and joy on earth as small sample taste of the joy the believer will live in heaven for eternity.

Why didn't the Father create us in heaven instead of earth?  

The Father has a plan that will unfold in the the not to distant future.  This future event can be found by jumping ahead to the end of the book of Revelation chapters 21 and 22.    From my study of these scriptures I have concluded that the Father's desire is to spend the rest of eternity here on earth with His children that He loves.  The Father will bring a new heaven and a new Jerusalem hear to earth so that His children be with Him, and can praise and worship Him for all the wonderful things He has done.

In the next article I will share more of my understanding of why the Father created us as earthlings.  Please feel free to comment on this article.