Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Proud and The Arrogant

Jesus Rebukes Satan
The title "The Proud and The Arrogant" sounds like the title for a soap opera doesn't it?  I feel like the Lord has been wanting me to write about this subject for some time now.  I'm not sure why, but perhaps it is because this is something that someone needs.

Maybe I shouldn't be shocked by the proud and arrogant acting people I've been exposed to, but I am especially shocked when I meet church attenders that are this way.  A few years ago I was in between full-time jobs and worked part-time for a major company in the church directory business as a photographer taking portrait shots.  I was impressed with some of the churches I worked in because the church members were very friendly and fun to work with.

Then too, there were some other churches I worked in where I was very disturbed by the attitudes of haughtiness, arrogance, and pride of the members.  I could not understand how, or why, church people would behaved this way.  I had never seen this in a church before.

During my forty plus years of working I have had many different jobs and one day I asked the Lord why have I had some many different jobs.  I felt Him say in my spirit that there was a purpose for every job that I've had because He wanted me to be exposed to different kinds of people and all the different attitudes people have.  I asked the Lord why He wanted me to experience this and He said that He wanted me to understand what He experiences in dealing with people.  I really did not understand why He needed me to experience this, but I kept an open mind.

As I thought about these things I began to realize there is a war going on and the battlefield is in all our minds.  People act the way they do based on how their minds are programmed, their values, and what they treasure in life.  Whatever your treasure is, this is where your heart is.  

"4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 
casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,"  2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (NKJV)

Notice verse 5 says, "casting down arguments . . . " - I prefer the the King James version as it says "casting down imaginations . . .".  I think what we imagine about ourselves is where our attitude about ourselves comes from.  Do we imagine ourselves to be above others?  Do the think of ourselves as more or less than others?  Read how the Amplified version says it.

Not too long ago I went for a job interview in a different department of the same company that I work for now.  If I had gotten the job it would have been a lateral move and not necessarily a major advance in position.  I thought it would be a simple, cut and dry, yes or no interview.  My appointment was with the sales manager of this particular department, but when I arrived his boss decided the interview would be in his office and the sales manager could listen in.  I'm not sure what the reason for this switch was, but I left the room when the interview was over feeling beaten up and bloody.  The man tore my Resume apart and ridiculed me for even coming to the interview with a resume whereas I had had so many different jobs. At the end of the interview the manager leaned over towards the sales manager and in a stern voice he said, "We do not have any opening in your department, DO WE!"  The sales manager had no other option but to say, "No Sir!"  

My questions is if there were not any openings why was I invited for the interview?  I have had many interviews over the years and had a good feeling as to whether the interviewer was interested or not.   All of the other interviewers were professional and courteous even when they were not interested in my potential.  Why was this one so different?

Needless to say I was very disturbed by the way this man acted.  I asked the Lord about this and He helped me to realize that this man had some personal issues going on within himself, and also had an issue with the sales manager.  The Lord helped me to realize this man's attack on me was not against me personally.  It had to do with the man's own inner struggles with self worth and control of his department.   The Lord had me forgive this man even though I didn't feel he deserved it.  The Lord said to me, "Do you deserve my forgiveness?"  I changed me attitude quickly.

Why do we struggle with our attitudes, thoughts, imaginations, and strongholds?  The key lies in the battle for the mind.  The enemy comes against us with thoughts and accusations in order to destroy our witness for Christ.

Notice in the picture above Jesus rebuked Satan.  The enemy comes against every believer with thoughts to make them ineffective for Christ.  As a believer we should have the attitude of Christ at church and at work.  How do we do that?  Paul says, " . . . bringing every thought into the captivity of the obedience of Christ."  As Christians we are to have the same attitude as Jesus does.  A good check-up from the neck up for the believer is "Do we have the attitude of Christ?"  Do people see Jesus when they see us, or do they see the opposite of Jesus?

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