Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Encounter

Last night I watched the faith based movie "The Encounter" on the DayStar's Christian channel.  This was my second time to see this movie and I enjoyed it all the more the second time around.  Bruce Marchiano plays Jesus and does an outstanding job expressing the love that Jesus has for all people.

Bruce has also play the part of the Biblical Jesus in more than one movie and of all the actors that have played the part of the Biblical Jesus Bruce is my favorite.  There are many great actors that have played the part of Jesus, but the others portrayal of Jesus is often solemn faced throughout the whole movie.  

Bruce on the other hand breaks through with big smiles as he ministers to the people as I imagine Jesus would.  He expressed joy and happiness as Jesus would.  The only time Jesus was ever was solemn faced was when He spoke to the religious hypocrites.  And, Jesus was very stern when spoke to the demons He cast out, but in sharp contract Jesus spoke with compassion to those that were delivered from demon possession, and those that He healed of various sickness and diseases.

I would recommend you and your family watch "The Encounter" and if you are not able to see the movie on DayStar's "Parable TV" then the movie may still be available on NetFlix.  Of course you can always rent or purchase the movie.

I would love to hear your comments on the movie.