Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The water I give will be a fountain of living water

John 4:14 NKJV

This is the second time Jesus mentioned water in the Gospel of John.  The first time Jesus was teaching that to be born again into everlasting life was to be reborn through the water and the spirit.  I find it interesting that he used the word water because when we were born into this world the mother's water has to be broken in order for us to pass through the water and the blood as we enter this world.  As we are delivered from death by the new birth - we are reborn by the cleansing of the water and redeemed by the blood sacrifice.  More on that later.

When we are born we are a spirit being living in an earthly body therefore we were born of the water and the spirit.  Jesus used the birth experience as an analogy of how one is changed from death to life through faith in Jesus as Lord and savior.

Jesus' use of the word water is used the second time refers to water that flows from within.  The translation says water springs up into everlasting life, however I believe what Jesus is saying is the water is spraying out of our mouths like a fountain.  The word water used here and used in an earlier verse is not meaning liquid water but rather the word of God is flowing out of us like a fountain.

As I mentioned in a previous note the word of God is how He speaks to our hearts.  The word is the water that cleanses daily and changes us daily.  The more we meditate on the word the more it soaks into our spirit man and the spirit man gets so full of the word it has to come out like a fountain.

Now the main point of this teaching on the "word" is found in the very first chapter of John and verse one.  "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  You see Jesus is the Word and when we have the Word flowing out of us like a fountain of Words it's Jesus that is flowing out of us.  We are so full of the Word we cannot stop the Word from flowing out of us.

People had to see first before they could receive their supernatural healing

John 4:48 NKJV

Jesus performed miracles of healing in order for man to believe. Man cannot believe unless he can see so Jesus had to show man first before they could believe He is who He says he is. Once they can believe in Him then He is able to do what He came to do and that is to save man through faith in Him. He didn't come just to heal people's bodies, He came to heal our spirit man.

You will notice that Jesus did not heal everyone He came in contact with. Some were healed by there own faith. And, in some areas Jesus was not able to heal many people because they did not believe or have faith that they could be healed.

Notice in verse 50 Jesus told the man to go back home as your son is already healed and the man left in faith knowing without a doubt that his son was already healed. I find it interesting that the man's son was healed without Jesus having to travel to the man's house to physically touch the son to receive healing. The child was healed because the father acted in faith by approaching Jesus and the child was healed by the man's faith.

I also find it interesting that Jesus could not do many healings in His home town because of unbelief. The people saw Him as "the carpenter's son". Even though Jesus is all powerful He cannot and will not perform any supernatural miracles in our lives unless we do something first. We must first believe in faith the He is able and willing to do what He says and then Jesus is able to change circumstances in our lives. When we exercise our faith then, and only then are we giving Him permission to bless us with the desires of our hearts. If we do not give Him permission He cannot save us much less heal us.

One man said to Jesus,"if you are willing I will be healed.". Jesus said, "I am willing" and the man was healed. Jesus never touched the man and yet the man was healed because the man believed he would be healed if Jesus was willing to heal him. Jesus was willing, but the man was healed by his own faith.

John: 4:46-54