Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does God Really Hear My Prayers?

By Chet Nowlen

When we pray we should always pray out loud for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When we pray out loud we are praying from the treasures of our heart (Matthew 6:21). Our prayers are our treasures we sent to God. Our prayers go up to heaven and enter the throne room and are placed in golden container to await the hearing.

If you ever watched the TV program "Law and Order" you have seen cases are brought before a judge by the district attorney with the plaintiff standing by his/her attorney. I was in the shower yesterday and I saw a vision in my mind that prayers are heard in a similar fashion.

My prayer had a case number and when my case number was called my lawyer (Jesus) stood before the judge (God) to represent my case (my prayer) to the judge (God). The judge reviewed the case and asked my lawyer why should he grant my request. My lawyer told the judge my prayer was based entirely on a legally binding contract, a covenant called The New Testament. The prayer was prayed in accordance with the will of The Father, which is from His own Words found in the Testament. The judge granted the request and the case was closed. Your prayer is your treasure - it is granted on earth but is also laid up for you in heaven (Matthew 6:19).

So when are prayers not aswered? If my prayer is contrary to the will of The Father then Jesus cannot present my case to The Father because there is no case. God will not do anything apart from His will, which is His word. The only way to know how to pray correctly is to know what word says by searching the scriptures for myself and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth found in the word.

Read all of Matthew 6 for a wealth of information on prayer. If you would like more information on Prayer and how to get answers to prayers add a comment below or send an e-mail to