Prayer Partners

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Prayer is one the most powerful resource that our Heavenly Father has provided for us.  The Lord loves for us to pray for our needs and the needs of others.  The Lord especially loves for to pray about everything we do before we do it.

Our Heavenly Father is such a wonderful and loving Father as He sometimes gives us the desires of our hearts even though we many not have asked for it.  Start today and thank Him every time you notice those little things He has done for you.  Take the time to praise Him even in those times when you feel down and discouraged because He is always with you no matter what the circumstances look like.

You may be going through a time when you feel alone and discouraged.  You may feel your prayers are not getting through because it seems like nothing is working out as it should.  If this is what you are going through then I would like for you to send me your prayer request using the Prayer Request Form on the left sidebar of this BLOG.  I have a team of prayers warriors, in the small group that I attend, that will pray for you.  

Please be advised that your name and personal information will not be shared with anyone in the group.  All prayer requests are kept strictly confidential.  The only information that the small group is allowed to see is the body of your specific prayer needs.


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