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Did You Take Care Of My Body - Part 2

The Good News is Jesus overcame the world and what that means to us is those of us who are born of God can also overcome the world through faith in Jesus Christ.  Did you know every person has a choice whether to overcome the world or to be overcome by the world?  The enemy hates people so much his mission in his miserable existence is to steal, kill and destroy us.  Jesus came to give us the ability to overcome the world through Him.

We have the choice as to whether we let the cares of this world (Satan's deceptive tool against us) make ineffective for Christ or we can chose to take sides with Jesus and let Him help us overcome the world.  Who's side are you on right now?  Have you let the cares of this world ruin you life?  Did you know that another tool the enemy uses against us is addiction?  When we think of addiction we first think of drugs and alcohol.  But, there are many addictions the enemy uses against us and I believe they are outlined in 1 John 2:16

16 For all that …

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