Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poor or Rich

by my friend David Broome

Happy Marvelous Monday,

Praise the Lord for wonderful services yesterday and I really enjoyed teaching two Sunday School Classes!  It was also a blessing to be able to share about our Honduras Mission Trip last night.

I was thinking about our trip and the beautiful people we got to minister to and thinking how poor they are.  I ran across the following story that puts a different light on being poor and I thought it might stir our thinking.  It sure did mine once again!

We have a senior trip coming up Tues. March 31st to visit the Lotz House in Franklin.  A $9.00 cost for the Civil War Museum tour and leaving the Salt House at 9a.m.  Please call the office for reservations.

SPECIAL BULLETIN: We just found out the Senior Adult Spring Rally is April 2 at Tusculum Hills Baptist Church and it’s going to be a health fair.  Lunch will follow and it’s a $10. Cost.  We must turn in registration by Monday March 30th. Please call the office ASAP if you plan to go.

God bless y’all and have a Blessed and Happy Marvelous Monday,     

Dave Broome

Mat. 5:3 (HCSB) “The poor in spirit are blessed, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. 

2 Cor. 8:9 (HCSB) For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ: Though He was rich, for your sake He became poor, so that by His poverty you might become rich. 

James 2:5 (HCSB) 5 Listen, my dear brothers: Didn’t God choose the poor in this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom that He has promised to those who love Him?

Mat. 25:37-40 (HCSB) 37 “Then the righteous will answer Him, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You something to drink?
38 When did we see You a stranger and take You in, or without clothes and clothe You?
39 When did we see You sick, or in prison, and visit You?’
40  “And the King will answer them, ‘I assure you: Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.’ 


I'll never forget Easter 1946. I was 14, my little sister Ocy was 12, and my older sister Darlene 16. We lived at home with our mother, and the four of us knew what it was to do without many things. My dad had died five years before, leaving Mom with seven school kids to raise and no money. 


By 1946 my older sisters were married and my brothers had left home. A month before Easter the pastor of our church announced that a special Easter offering would be taken to help a poor family. He asked everyone to save and give sacrificially. 


When we got home, we talked about what we could do. We decided to buy 50 pounds of potatoes and live on them for a month. This would allow us to save $20 of our grocery money for the offering. When we thought that if we kept our electric lights turned out as much as possible and didn't listen to the radio, we'd save money on that month's electric bill. Darlene got as many house and yard cleaning jobs as possible, and both of us babysat for everyone we could. For 15 cents we could buy enough cotton loops to make three pot holders to sell for $1. 


We made $20 on pot holders. That month was one of the best of our lives. 

Every day we counted the money to see how much we had saved. At night we'd sit in the dark and talk about how the poor family was going to enjoy having the money the church would give them. We had about 80 people in church, so figured that whatever amount of money we had to give, the offering would surely be 20 times that much. After all, every Sunday the pastor had reminded everyone to save for the sacrificial offering. 


The day before Easter, Ocy and I walked to the grocery store and got the manager to give us three crisp $20 bills and one $10 bill for all our change. We ran all the way home to show Mom and Darlene. We had never had so much money before. 


That night we were so excited we could hardly sleep. We didn't care that we wouldn't have new clothes for Easter; we had $70 for the sacrificial offering. 


We could hardly wait to get to church! On Sunday morning, rain was pouring. We didn't own an umbrella, and the church was over a mile from our home, but it didn't seem to matter how wet we got. Darlene had cardboard in her shoes to fill the holes. The cardboard came apart, and her feet got wet. 


But we sat in church proudly. I heard some teenagers talking about the Smith girls having on their old dresses. I looked at them in their new clothes, and I felt rich. 


When the sacrificial offering was taken, we were sitting on the second row from the front. Mom put in the $10 bill, and each of us kids put in a $20. 


As we walked home after church, we sang all the way. At lunch Mom had a surprise for us. She had bought a dozen eggs, and we had boiled Easter eggs with our fried potatoes! Late that afternoon the minister drove up in his car. Mom went to the door, talked with him for a moment, and then came back with an envelope in her hand. We asked what it was, but she didn't say a word. She opened the envelope and out fell a bunch of money. There were three crisp $20 bills, one $10 and seventeen $1 bills. 


Mom put the money back in the envelope. We didn't talk, just sat and stared at the floor. We had gone from feeling like millionaires to feeling like poor white trash. We kids had such a happy life that we felt sorry for anyone who didn't have our Mom and Dad for parents and a house full of brothers and sisters and other kids visiting constantly. We thought it was fun to share silverware and see whether we got the spoon or the fork that night. 


We had two knifes that we passed around to whoever needed them. I knew we didn't have a lot of things that other people had, but I'd never thought we were poor. 


That Easter day I found out we were. The minister had brought us the money for the poor family, so we must be poor. I didn't like being poor. I looked at my dress and worn-out shoes and felt so ashamed--I didn't even want to go back to church. Everyone there probably already knew we were poor! 


I thought about school. I was in the ninth grade and at the top of my class of over 100 students. I wondered if the kids at school knew that we were poor. I decided that I could quit school since I had finished the eighth grade. That was all the law required at that time. We sat in silence for a long time. 


Then it got dark, and we went to bed. All that week, we girls went to school and came home, and no one talked much. Finally on Saturday, Mom asked us what we wanted to do with the money. What did poor people do with money? We didn't know. We'd never known we were poor. We didn't want to go to church on Sunday, but Mom said we had to. Although it was a sunny day, we didn't talk on the way. 


Mom started to sing, but no one joined in and she only sang one verse. At church we had a missionary speaker. He talked about how churches in Africa made buildings out of sun dried bricks, but they needed money to buy roofs. He said $100 would put a roof on a church. The minister said, "Can't we all sacrifice to help these poor people?" We looked at each other and smiled for the first time in a week. 


Mom reached into her purse and pulled out the envelope. She passed it to Darlene. Darlene gave it to me, and I handed it to Ocy. Ocy put it in the offering. 


When the offering was counted, the minister announced that it was a little over $100. The missionary was excited. He hadn't expected such a large offering from our small church. He said, "You must have some rich people in this church." Suddenly it struck us! We had given $87 of that "little over $100." 


We were the rich family in the church! Hadn't the missionary said so? From that day on I've never been poor again. I've always remembered how rich I am because I have Jesus!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Watch God's Not Dead

What a wonderful Christian movie.  There are a few Christian movies that are worth watching and God's Not Dead is one of those movies.  I highly recommend that you watch this movie on either Netflix or Amazon Prime.  If you do not have either click on this ad below:

How To Worship the Lord

"And in that day you will say: “Praise the Lord , call upon His name; Declare His deeds among the peoples, Make mention that His name is exalted. Sing to the Lord ,"
Isaiah 12:4-5 NKJV

For a believer the Lord God, our Heavenly Father, is worthy of our praise.  We as believers honor and worship Him through the sacrifice through praise from our mouth.  We lift our hands (palms) towards heaven and wave our palms towards heaven  in worship of His goodness and His mercy.  We call upon His name and He hears us because He first loved us.  We openly declare what wonderful things He has done for us, in us and through us.  We sing to the Lord with rejoicing as He is our source, our protector and defender.  He goes before us and fights our battles for us.  We trust in Him to make a way when there does not seem to be a way to make it through another day.

Do not be ashamed to openly worship the Lord in this way as He is not ashamed of us.  It's okay to worship Him without fear of what others may think of us.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Be Anxious For Nothing

Let Jesus Calm the Storm in your Mind
 by giving your burden to Him.
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV

What does it mean to be anxious?  To be anxious can be a good thing when you are excited with anticipation of something that are looking forward to.  You are anxious for this event to happen, i.e., you are looking forward to Jesus coming back to gather you to Himself in the event known as the Rapture.

The phrase "anxious for nothing" has to do with a different kind of anxious.  It is the negative effect of fear, dread, or worry associated with something you are afraid will happen.

For about a year now I have been reluctant to write any articles for this BLOG because of some criticism that came against me regarding the BLOG.  I was so shocked and so hurt I was afraid of being criticized again so to protect myself I didn't write anything that could cause me pain again.

The Lord has been dealing with me about that and He's been reminding me that by my speaking His words I am spreading His good news (not mine) and he warned me there would be persecution.  I have decided to write again even if I do come under persecution because they would be persecuting Him when they persecute me as I am in Him and He is in me.

I Will Give You Rest

"All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."  Matthew 11:27-29

you will find rest for your souls

Jesus said He will give me rest for my soul.  What is my soul? My soul is my mind, will and emotions.  Jesus is saying when I give my troubled mind to Him He will give me His rest.  He says to learn from Him and take on His attitude towards the troubles in life and I will find His rest.

Please be advised that if you are offended by anything I have said in any of the articles I've posted please feel free to comment on the article.  If you are offended and wish to be removed from further emails then please unsubscribe and you will be removed.

Monday, February 23, 2015

You are as old as you THINK.

Chet Nowlen 1967
I know I don't look like this guy any more, but my mind hasn't grabbed the concept of age. Whenever I pass by a mirror I am shocked to see that old man in the mirror. My inner man thinks I still look similar to the guy in the picture. My inner man feels and acts like a 30-year old man, but the body man doesn't feel or act the same. The older I get the more I think about aging. I pray the Lord comes before I pass away from this earthly body as I look forward to my new heavenly body. I'll bet I will look young in my new body. I cannot wait to spend the rest of eternity with my Lord Jesus and my family that's gone on before me.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


This week I have been thinking about what gift I could give my wife for valentines's day.  She is so mature in our relationship she does not desire flowers or chocolates to prove my love for her.  I do want to give her something as an expression of my love, but I was unsure what.  

This week I've been watching Joseph Prince preach on the Song of Solomon and have enjoyed his explanation of how this book of the Bible is an expression of Jesus' love for His bride, the church.  This made me think of Ephesian 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her."  Now I knew the gift I want to give her is an expression of how much our Heavenly Father loves us.  One of my friends sent me an email this week which, to me, perfectly expresses His love for us.



I call you Beloved

You are my Beloved, my one and only. That’s how special you, my love, are to me. My one desire is to help you to understand that I Am who you have been looking for. I Am the only one that can satisfy your longing heart.

I Am the only one that can speak to you in those deep places in your heart because I Am the one that created you. So allow me, Jesus to romance you. To tell you the truth of how absolutely beautiful you are, absolutely stunning. I love you just the way you are. Yes, there are things that we together are going to change in your life, but they will not make me love you any more or any less. I loved you unconditionally before you were ever born, even before you were ever created.

You radiate my beauty to the world. You represent me in a way that no man can. That is why I can truly say that you are mine in such a wonderful and awesome way. Yes, you are mine to cherish and adore. My love, you make my heart leap when we spend time together, can we please do it more? I can never get enough of you and as you get to know me more and more, you will begin to feel the same way about me.

You have probably heard that there is a place inside you that only I can fill; well did you know there is a place inside me that only you can fill? I smile when that happens and we begin a relationship that becomes so personal and so intimate that no one can ever take it away.

When you come to understand the beauty of relationship with me, you understand that you are never never alone. That I Am always with you, that I will never, never leave you or turn my back on you. Our conversations make my heart sing, I want you to tell me everything. Please don’t hold anything back.

You are the one for me and I Am the one for you. No one will ever know you, or satisfy your deepest needs like I will, and like only I can. Because you no longer have that ache in your heart, you will begin to see yourself differently and will begin to act differently; you will begin to know yourself as a woman who is truly and deeply loved. You see yourself now as you really are and will begin to have peace and joy knowing; I am loved.

I love you,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Practicing Evil

January 27, 2015

Verse of the Day

For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”
John 3:20-21 NKJV
When I read this verse this morning it reminded me of what I had read earlier in Deuteronomy 1.  Moses is retelling the story of the journey from Egypt and in verse 26 Moses tells about those who rebelled against God by complaining through fear.  
People today are not not that much different than the children of Israel as we find very easy to complain rather than have faith.  Fear is the opposite of faith and in God's eyes those who cannot trust Him are practicing evil.  Read the following verses from Deuteronomy 1 and pay particular attention to the verses that are highlighted in blue:
Deut 1:29-Deut 1:33 NKJV 

“Then I said to you, Do not be terrified, or afraid of them. The Lord your God, who goes before you, He will fight for you, according to all He did for you in Egypt before your eyes, and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son, in all the way that you went until you came to this place.’ Yet, for all that, you did not believe the Lord your God, who went in the way before you to search out a place for you to pitch…
When I read this chapter this morning these words highlighted in blue jumped right off of the page to me.  I sense the Lord is telling us as believers to not be afraid as He goes before us and He fights for us in ways we cannot see.  He is our Heavenly Father and He loves us any carries us as a father would care and protect his own son.

I am reminded of a dream, or perhaps it was a vision I'm not sure which.  The Lord came to my bedside and as I opened my eyes and looked up He said to me, "Do not worry, everything will be alright."  I believe the Lord goes before me and He fights the enemy for me.  He protects me and carries me when I am weak and tired just as my Dad did when I was a little child.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Woman Caught in Adultery

The following is a comment I posted on YouVersion about an encounter a woman had with Jesus after being accused of adultery.

Woman Caught in Adultery

At first glance we assume this woman is some whore that seduced a married man and that she deserves to be stoned to death according to Jewish Law. The scriptures do not reveal much about this woman except that she is accused of a sin worth death.

We do know that this woman was being used as a tool to try and trick Jesus into breaking the Jewish law by not to stone her, therefore giving the Pharisees the right to Jesus executed. If He had said, "Stone her!" he would have been contrary to Roman law which would have given legal ground for the Roman law to condemn Him.

Jesus knew they were trying to set a trap for Him, but He did not let that bother Him. He diverted His attention from them by writing something on the ground. He ignored them, but yet they pressed Him again. Jesus did not fall for their trap by throwing the trap back on the Pharisees by saying, "He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first." The accusers were convicted because of their own sin and started leaving beginning with the oldest until they were all gone.

Now we assume that the woman was really caught in the act of adultery, but that may not have been the real truth. We only know she was accused. We also assume that Jesus did not know this woman, but it is possible that He did know her and it is possible that she could have been a believer that strayed.

I know I am assuming a lot here, but what makes me think this is the way Jesus spoke to her. He did not give her a sermon, as we would, to repent and be saved. I suspect she was already saved because Jesus said, "Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more."

I think Jesus knew her heart was already changed and did not need the sermon of repentance.  Sometimes we get too hung up on what must be done outwardly when the real change is done inwardly.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God

January 26, 2015

Verse of the Day

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. 
James 1:5-6 NKJV

Sunday, January 25, 2015

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January 25, 2015

Verse of the Day

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. 
I Peter 5:8-9 NKJV

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What Study Bible I Recommend

One of my readers ask me about the kind of Bible I would recommend for study. I recommend the one that I use which is:

NKJV Study Bible: Large Print Edition Bonded Leather – Large Print, November 3, 2009

The best-selling NKJV Study Bible is available in an easy-to-use large print edition. Chosen by pastors and lay leaders alike, The NKJV Study Bible is the cornerstone Bible for anyone interested in serious Bible study. 
Along with the NKJV®, one of the best translations for Bible study, The NKJV Study Bible, Large Print Edition, also includes a 14-page section of clear, attractive full-color maps and more than 15,000 study notes that help you understand the text and apply the Bible to your life.
Additional features include in-text maps, Quick View charts, a prophetic reference system, and expository study notes. Word studies keyed to Strong's Concordance help you access terms in the original languages. In-depth articles on key topics and timelines of each book also allow you to take your study as deep as you want.
This Bible has the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor. Let it take you deeper into the Word than ever before.

The most helpful part of this study Bible is the notes associated with each chapter and especially the definitions from the Strong's Concordances shown. I highly recommend that you consider this Bible for you home study. 

Work Out Your Own Salvation

A family member once told me that they try to read the Bible, but they just do not understand what they are reading.  The unfortunate thing about reading the Bible for reading sake will not make much sense to a novice student without some help.  One way to learn what the scriptures mean is to attend a Bible teaching church or class.  It is very necessary for the Bible student to be patient as the learning process could take several years of study.  Another thing the student must seek the Holy Spirit's help with the interpretation of certain passages as some Pastor's and teachers teach their particular denomination's accepted opinion rather than what the passage actually says.  

One of my Son's told me one day that he has been invited to attend a particular denomination, but he was confused at to what this denomination believes as it conflicts with his understanding of scripture. I asked my Son what about their doctrine is confusing you.  He told me the particular things they believe and then I ask him, "Is their theology scriptural?"  He said, "Not that I can find in the scriptures!"  I said said to him, "If their church doctrines are based on man made rules and not the truth of the scriptures then I would not recommend your being involved with that denomination."

Work Out Your Own Salvation

What does that phrase mean?  This phrase is found in Philippians 2:12 and as you know I don't like to take scriptures out of context.  I recommend that you also read Philippians chapters 1 and 3.  To me this phrase means that each one us individually has to work out our own understanding of our intimate relationship with Christ Jesus and our heavenly Father.  We have to do it on our on, but we are not alone.  We cannot believe and do certain things just because of what you hear someone say or what a preacher said in a sermon.  You will, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, by faith find that close relationship with the Father as you relax and let Him be involved in every part of your life.

Philippians 2 Amplified Bible (AMP)

So by whatever [appeal to you there is in our mutual dwelling in Christ, by whatever] strengthening and consoling and encouraging [our relationship] in Him [affords], by whatever persuasive [a]incentive there is in love, by whatever participation in the [Holy] Spirit [we share], and by whatever depth of affection and compassionate sympathy,
Fill up and complete my joy by living in harmony and being of the same mind and one in purpose, having the same love, being in full accord and of one harmonious mind and intention.
Do nothing from factional motives [through contentiousness, strife, selfishness, or for unworthy ends] or prompted by conceit and empty arrogance. Instead, in the true spirit of humility (lowliness of mind) let each regard the others as better than and superior to himself [thinking more highly of one another than you do of yourselves].
Let each of you esteem and look upon and be concerned for not [merely] his own interests, but also each for the interests of others.
Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:]
Who, although being essentially one with God and in the form of God [[b]possessing the fullness of the attributes which make God God], did not [c]think this equality with God was a thing to be eagerly grasped [d]or retained,
But stripped Himself [of all privileges and [e]rightful dignity], so as to assume the guise of a servant (slave), in that He became like men and was born a human being.
And after He had appeared in human form, He abased and humbled Himself [still further] and carried His obedience to the extreme of death, even the death of the cross!
Therefore [because He stooped so low] God has highly exalted Him and has [f]freely bestowed on Him the name that is above every name,
10 That in (at) the name of Jesus every knee [g]should (must) bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
11 And every tongue [[h]frankly and openly] confess and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
12 Therefore, my dear ones, as you have always obeyed [my suggestions], so now, not only [with the enthusiasm you would show] in my presence but much more because I am absent, work out (cultivate, carry out to the goal, and fully complete) your own salvation with reverence and awe and trembling (self-distrust, [i]with serious caution, tenderness of conscience, watchfulness against temptation, timidly shrinking from whatever might offend God and discredit the name of Christ).
13 [Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while [j]effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure andsatisfaction and [k]delight.
14 Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining [[l]against God] and [m]questioning and doubting [among yourselves],
15 That you may show yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish (faultless, unrebukable) in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation [spiritually perverted and perverse], among whom you are seen as bright lights (stars or beacons shining out clearly) in the [dark] world,
16 Holding out [to it] and offering [to all men] the Word of Life, so that in the day of Christ I may have something of which exultantly to rejoice and glory in that I did not run my race in vain or spend my labor to no purpose.
17 Even if [my lifeblood] must be poured out as a libation on the sacrificial offering of your faith [to God], still I am glad [to do it] and [n]congratulate you all on [your share in] it.
18 And you also in like manner be glad and [o]congratulate me on [my share in] it.
19 But I hope and trust in the Lord Jesus soon to send Timothy to you, so that I may also be encouraged and cheered by learning news of you.
20 For I have no one like him [no one of so kindred a spirit] who will be so genuinely interested in your welfare and devoted to your interests.
21 For the others all seek [to advance] their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ (the Messiah).
22 But Timothy’s tested worth you know, how as a son with his father he has toiled with me zealously in [serving and helping to advance] the good news (the Gospel).
23 I hope therefore to send him promptly, just as soon as I know how my case is going to turn out.
24 But [really] I am confident and fully trusting in the Lord that shortly I myself shall come to you also.
25 However, I thought it necessary to send Epaphroditus [back] to you. [He has been] my brother and companion in labor and my fellow soldier, as well as [having come as] your special messenger (apostle) and minister to my need.
26 For he has been [homesick] longing for you all and has been distressed because you had heard that he was ill.
27 He certainly was ill [too], near to death. But God had compassion on him, and not only on him but also on me, lest I should have sorrow [over him] [p]coming upon sorrow.
28 So I have sent him the more willingly and eagerly, that you may be gladdened at seeing him again, and that I may be the less disquieted.
29 Welcome him [home] then in the Lord with all joy, and honor and highly appreciate men like him,
30 For it was through working for Christ that he came so near death, risking his [very] life to complete the deficiencies in your service to me [which distance prevented you yourselves from rendering].

I pray this message and scripture reading has been a blessing to you.  Please feel free to write a comment.